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[Mengniu food] How long is instant noodles normal bubble better?



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The usual time for instant noodles is 3 minutes. The reason is simple, because waiting three minutes will make instant noodles taste the best. Instant noodles are made by heating and drying with instant oil. This is commonly known as fried noodles. Instant noodles are characterized by pouring hot water into the fried, dried noodles to restore them to their original state. If the amount of hot water is low or short, the pastry will become hard. In contrast, if left in hot water for longer than required, the pastry will become chewy and too soft.

Three minutes is the best time for a company to develop a product after many trials. If you want to enjoy the best taste of instant noodles, you must observe the time and temperature of the noodles. In addition, the variety of instant noodles is also increasing, and the prescribed time will vary according to the thickness and hardness of the noodles. Depending on the different products, it also takes 5 minutes, so we should read the instructions clearly when we buy them.

In fact, relying on modern production and research and development technology, we have produced instant noodles that can be eaten in one or two minutes instead of three minutes. Despite this, most instant noodles stick to three minutes. The secret is that it is neither too long nor too short. Because one minute of instant noodles is really too fast, in their own appetite has not reached the peak of the surface of the bubble. On the contrary, if it is 5 minutes, it will feel like a long time to wait, once there is a phone call or chat involved, it is easy to exceed the time, affect the taste of the noodles.

For this psychological reason, not only instant noodles, but also many companies pay attention to the three-minute interval when keeping phone rings and dealing with customers. Three minutes is the limit of the time people can wait without getting anxious. Of course, compared with 3 minutes and 5 minutes of instant noodles, the target group is somewhat different, and some people eat instant noodles is not for convenience, but also to taste delicious. Therefore, 5-minute instant noodles also have a wide audience.

Generally at higher altitudes, hot water has a lower boiling point. Therefore, it is not easy to eat hot instant noodles. If you are climbing a mountain, the temperature is very low and there is snow and ice on the mountain, not only the instant noodles but also the cup will quickly cool down. So what to do? At this time we have to choose low boiling point instant noodles, that is, 80-85℃ can bubble instant noodles. And these instant noodles are actually developed by the airline. In other words, it was made for people who want instant noodles on the plane.

In short, many instant noodles have a brewing time set at 3 minutes, which is the optimal waiting time. However, if you prefer a different texture, you can also choose the 5-minute type. It can be said that the decision of delicious time, after all, is by themselves.