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[Mengniu Food] Precautions for eating instant noodles



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1, must go to wax: instant noodles, the above are coated with a layer of wax, wax this harmful to our body itself is relatively large, language is the serious can cause cancer, so when we had the best first with warm water to the above a layer of wax removing again with a new open blisters, so is good, can reduce the harm to the body.
2, the best use of the home, because the barrel is made of chemicals, once after high temperature boiled inside the chemical substances will be dissolved in it, slowly will be with you when you eat instant noodles into your body.
3, after eating instant noodles, it is best to eat a fruit, because the nutrition of instant noodles is rarely needed by the human body, it is best to eat some fruit after eating to maintain the body's nutrition Chen Fen, can eat some apples, strawberries, etc., in turn to supplement the body needs vitamins and minerals.
Through the introduction of the above believe that everyone for instant noodles understanding may be more in-depth than before, here is still recommended that you do not eat, occasionally eat a tune taste is not very important, if it is as a staple food may be harmful to the body may be more than a little.